SIM card replacement - when is it necessary and how much does it cost?

Modern technologies are not only innovative gadgets, scientific breakthroughs or digitalization of reality, which provide entertainment and make people's lives easier at every step. It is also a revolution in mobile telephony, manifesting itself, for example, in replacing the mini SIM card with a universal micro or nanoSIM version.

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The glory days of standard SIM cards are coming to an end. On the market more courageously enter the micro and nanoSIM cards, which are more handy, functional, and above all, more compatible with different types of devices. The new types of cards also have more memory and are much more secure than their predecessor. What is the cost of replacing a SIM card with its newer version?

What is the cost of a new SIM card?

We use SIM cards every day, and we still don't know everything about them. Well, the latest smartphones and tablets are mostly equipped with SIM cards in micro or nano version. So if your "plastic" does not fit into the new equipment with Android or Windows Phone, just a quick replacement of SIM card for microSIM. The smaller type of card, nanoSIM, is found mainly in the latest models of iPhone and iPad. With the help of an adapter you can use both nanoSIM and microSIM in any smartphone with a miniSIM connector.

If you're worried that swapping your SIM card for a smaller model will change your phone number, rest assured. Not at all! The only thing that may happen is that the data stored on the miniSIM card will no longer be available on the micro version.

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Replacing your SIM card without leaving home - welcome to the Internet!
Do you have no time to go to the operator's showroom to exchange your card for a smaller one? No problem! All you have to do is to log in to your individual customer profile on and order a new SIM card. How to do it? Click the 'Services' tab, then choose 'Additional services' and select the 'SIM exchange' option. In this way you will receive a new type of SIM - micro or nano - within a few days.

But that's not the end of the story. To be able to enjoy the full benefits of your new SIM card, you will need to activate it. You can do this yourself by calling 799 555 222 and following the instructions.

SIM Replacement = CMOK, or Customer Care Centre

Swapping to a new SIM card can also be done the traditional way. Contact CMOK, Virgin Mobile's Customer Care Centre, by filling in a simple contact form or by calling *222. This number is free for all Virgin subscribers. Once you receive your card in the mail, the activation process is similar to online ordering. If you like walking around, you can also exchange your card directly at the operator's showroom.

How much does it cost to exchange my SIM card?

The free card exchange only applies if you have an older version of the SIM card in your prepaid offer. If this is the case, you will usually receive a notification from your provider that you need to change to a newer version. In other cases, for example when you have damaged, lost or want to get a duplicate micro or nanoSIM card, you will have to pay 15 PLN.

You exchange it and get everything!

New version of SIM card has much more functionalities than its predecessor. One of them is possibility to turn universal card into microSIM, nanoSIM or miniSIM. Everything your heart desires! So this is a great solution for people who like to use different hardware or are planning to replace their phone with a newer model in the near future.

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